Conviventia is the result of a blend of solidarity and insight gained during years of field work among communities affected by high indexes of poverty and violence, and a conviction that joint efforts are powerful and necessary.


Our efforts are inspired by the Divine mandate of loving one another and are geared to enhancing the capabilities of people, enabling them to take on responsibility for their own development, with a clear understanding of their identity and purpose in this world.

1989  Street outreach to feed and minister to the homeless begins.


  Lindsay and Denise Christie establish the God is Love schools in Lucero Alto, Ciudad Bolivar; Altos de Cazuca, Soacha and the center of Bogota providing preschool and elementary education to  +250 children.

1994 Reverend Lindsay Christie went to be with the One he served during his life and in whom he had total confidence.


Missy R. Christie, Lindsay and Denise’s youngest daughter, together with her husband Carlos E. Acosta, following the legacy received, establish Corporación Dios es Amor - CDA, a non profit organization commmitted to sharing the love of God in Word and in deed.

1999 A Vocational Training program is launched, empowerig people trapped in poverty toward a productive life.

 The medical clinic,  ‘Lindsay Christie’, opens its doors at Altos de Cazuca in Soacha.

 CDA carries out its first large scale humanitarian mission, chaneling 75 tons of food, mobilizing medical teams and building with 63 houses for afffected families.


 A mobile clinic is set up to serve the marginal communitties in Cartagena, in the Caribbeam coast.


Missy Christie receives the Mujer CAFAM recognition for the social work carried out in the city of Bogota.

2001 A new God is Love school starts operations in El Pozon, Cartagena.


Youth discipleship and leadership groups are formed in Bogota.

1973 The first Christian news bulletin ‘PRONTO’, is printed in Bogota.


  DESAFIO, the Christian monthly newspaper of Colombia is launched.

1975 Sponsorship  of children facing poverty begins, supporting families from Christian churches in the outskirts of Bogota. (+100 children)


Interdenominational women’s congresses are set up along with the magazine “Fortaleciendonos en Dios’.

2003 The Technical Vocational institute opens a branch at El Pozon,  in Cartagena.  CDA’s opens a Home for girls living in conditions of risk, abuse and neglect.



FORJAR CDA is established as a microfinance institution to promote human dignity   and self-dependency.

2006 A new  God is Love school is built at las Americas, Barranquilla.


 CDA engages in its first international humanitarian mission to Pisco, Peru.

2009  Bureau Veritas certifies CDA’s quality management system, under norm ISO 9001 – 2000.


 CDA joins the CLARA Alliance, for the development of the Caribbean and Latin America.

2011 CONVIVENTIA is incorporated in the US as a 501 c (3) organization, with the goal of increasing the organization’s network and sharing CDA’s experience, knowledge and capacity to strengthen others.


 CDA re-certifies its quality system under norms ISO 9001 – 2008,  ISO 5555 and 5581 (ANAB  -  ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (USA) - UKAS  - United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

2013  The WorkTeams initiative begins.  Destination, Colombia!

Our Present

Our Past

We facilitate in the holistic development and improvement of the quality of life of people living in conditions of poverty and vunerability in Latinamerica, contributing with a transformational approach founded on the principles of our Christian faith, to their social and economic development.


Seminars for training Sunday School teachers are launched throughout the country.

1966 Lindsay and Denise travel from New Zealand to Colombia, in obedience to the  Lord’s calling.


  DESAFIO partners with the Christian Broadcasting Network and the Christian Counselling Center is established in Colombia.


1978  Medical Health Brigades start

1985 First Humanitarian Mission to Armero, Tolima, where +25 thousand people lost their life due a volcano eruption.

Our Future

We work toward a world in which all people can live with