When looking at images from the slums in which CDA-Conviventia work, the first thoughts that probably come to mind  are misery, despair, lack, ruin, dirt, disease... brokenness.  The dusty unpaved roads, rundown shacks, open sewage, and garbage accumulated in too many places, most probably lead people to believe such thoughts and assign these communities the label of ‘poor’.   It is true, all these communities lack many things necessary to guarantee a decent life Many of the inhabitants don’t have even the most basic of needs met.  However, behind the image of poverty and brokenness, there is an enormous richness. Yes, as you look closer and walk the streets, go behind the doors, you discover a different reality. One that is made in God’s image. One with capacity, talents and dreams. One that smiles in the midst of adversity, and knows literally how to dance in the rain!


It is the dignity of each human being behind the broken neighborhoods that inspired CDA-Conviventia to reach out and invest in equipping individuals and families with adequate schools, training centers and daycares, enabling access to services that will alleviate the immediate need, but most importantly, will train the mind, touch the heart and equip and prepare each individual to take responsibility for their own life.   Working from the individual to the collective sphere, we pave the way for a sustainable transformation!


Children & Youth, Family & Leadership, Income Generation and Basic Needs, together, constitute the main interconnected areas that define and guide our comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation. Annually, we reach over 11,000 people, providing children and youth access to a relevant education, restoring the right of children to live in safe environments, providing tools and knowledge for increasing people's productive capacity, and much more.




Children & Youth

Children & Youth

Family & Leadership

Family & Leadreship

Income Generation



Basic Needs